About Us

Hello, my name is Angela and I started making cards a few years ago when my mum bought me a kit for my birthday. I quickly became hooked and what started as a hobby, making cards for family and friends, quickly escalated into a steady stream of business. So, I decided to branch out onto the Internet.

I pride myself on the quality of my cards. I take care with the quality of materials that I use and in the way they are put together.

As all of the cards are handmade to order they do take time to create, so please do try to allow at least a week from placing the order to when you require it. This will give me time to craft your card and dispatch it to you. I will do my utmost to get a card to you as quickly as possible.

When you are browsing through the cards be aware that if you see a design that you like but would prefer it in another colour, or if you would like to add a name or age to the card, then please use the 'Contact us' facility to make your request. I will endeavor to meet your needs. Also available is the facility to have a card specifically created for an individual, reflecting their interests/ hobbies. To do this use the 'Bespoke Cards' button and complete the details about the recipient. Once I have the information I can create a card specifically for them.

I hope you enjoy looking through my cards and that you find what you are looking for.